LaserVision is one of the worlds largest manufacturers of laser protection equipment. LaserVision's plant is located in Fürth, Germany, where a complete range of laser protection equipment is manufactured. Except the mandatory CE-mark LaserVision specifies precise safety levels according to DIN EN and the additional DIN/GS system with periodical tests and QC procedures by an accredited third party.
Laser protection spectacles:

The main part of LaserVision's product range is laser protection spectacles and goggles. LaserVision has designed not only safe, but also ergonomic and good looking frames.  

Here follow the standard frame models

Model R01
In this model an RX- insert can be mounted with prescription spectacle glasses     

Model F02 / R02
An adjustable model for best wearing comfort. Model R02 features an internal metal lamination for high protection

Model R10
May be used over prescription glasses and is characterised by a very light weight excellent daylight colour vision.

Model F14 / R14
Can be worn over prescription glasses and is characterised by a stress-free wearing comfort. The R14 version features an internal
metal lamination resulting in
very high protection

Model R17
This frame model can be supplied with head support and welding clip-on filter attenuating intense welding plasma glare

Model R17 with head support and welding clip-on filter

Model F03
Light safety glasses with a sportive touch

Model F04
This is an ideal lightweight high-strength plastic frame. Its large lens size makes it fit well over prescription glasses.

Model F18 / F22
Comfortable light-weight specta-cles which will fit over prescription glasses. F18 has flexible temples and F22 has temples with hinges

Model F19 (black) and F20 (white) - are modern lightweight safety glasses with very comfort-able fit due to soft nose cushion-ing for real comfort.

Model F29 - modern safety glasses with very comfortable fit.

Model IPL Athletics
For non-coherent (e g non-laser) light sources, such as IPL sources for hair removal

Model P01 sterilisable patient spectacles

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Laser protection for larger area's:
I many laser manufacturing cells the objects are handled by robots. In order to see what is going on in such cells larger observation windows are needed and the laser working area must be "sealed off" so that no laser light will excape from the cell.
LaserVision has published a catalogue in which the different laser protection solutions are presented.
You can download this catalogue by clicking on the picture above.

Laser protection curtains:
For laser areas where a permanent enclosure is unpractical a laser protection curtain can be a good alternative. Curtains are available in one heavier and one lighter model.

Laser protection windows:
Laser protection windows are the standard solution when observation of a laser process is required through a door or a safety enclosure. The windows are available in standard sizes.

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