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DESHENG Optics Electronics
Blue (450 nm), green (520 nm and red (635 nm) laser-diodes for alignment
INNOLAS Photonics
Innolas Photonics, Germany, manufactures industrial and scientific lasers
Innolas UK, England, manufactures industrial and scientific laser systems based on Innolas own laser sources
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Laser diodes for alignment and communication
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Excimer-laser based micro-machining systems
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Fibre-laser engraving systems and high-velocity on-line product marking systems
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Scientific laser systems and applications
ATL Lasertechnik
Mini excimer-lasers for industrial and scientific applications
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Changchun New Industries
High power diode lasers and DPSS (diode-pumped solid state)-lasers
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Laser crystals and laser kits
Nitrogen-lasers and dye-lasers for spectroscopic and analytical applications
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Tunable beam expanders and collimators
Laser safety
Protective eye-wear for all laser wavelengths
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Smoke evacuation and filter systems
Industrial smoke evacuators, filter systems and air-cooling units
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Industrial and surgical smoke evacuation and filter systems with a large supply of articulated tubes, hoses and evacuation hoods
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